What Footwear Should Photographers Wear?

Footwear is an oft-overlooked aspect of preparing for a shoot. Every situation calls for variation in what’s on your feet. In some cases, it can even be dangerous for a photographer to wear the wrong shoes.

Practicality, venues, and dress codes require photographers to wear different types of footwear. Your shoes need to be:

  • Comfortable
  • Protective
  • And suited to the environment you’re shooting

Let’s talk about how to decide what shoes photographers should wear.

Shoes to Shoot a Wedding

Weddings are long affairs. As a photographer, you’re on your feet for the better part of a wedding. You need to constantly move and shuffle to capture the perfect shots on a couple’s perfect day. And even though you’re attending a wedding, you’re not a wedding guest.

When shooting a wedding, you need to look professional as much as you need to be comfortable. You also need to blend into the background, so choose a shoe that’s dark — black, if possible.

Shoes worn to a wedding should be comfortable and durable. You may have to climb on an outcropping of rocks or step in a puddle to take the perfect outdoor wedding shot. When indoors, you want a pair of shoes with a solid grip so you don’t slip and cause a fiasco on the dance floor.

Footwear for Real Estate Photography

Shooting real estate isn’t as formal as a wedding, but you’ll still be on your feet for much of the shoot. You’re also likely to walk on a variety of surfaces, from tile floors and carpet to grass and dirt outdoors.

A comfortable pair of sneakers works wonders for helping you stay on your feet over the course of a real estate shoot. Sneakers that are light, flexible, and thin are versatile enough for the different surfaces you’ll be walking and standing on, without taking a toll on your feet and legs.

Again, darker shoes are your best bet for shooting real estate. Dark sneakers are less likely to cast reflections on your shots, saving you from a reshoot or extra time spent in post-processing.

Boots for Landscape Photography

Trekking through the wilderness to shoot Mother Nature at her finest makes for some stunning photos. It can also involve a dangerous hike, especially without proper footwear.

Landscape and wildlife photographers should invest in a pair of durable, comfortable boots. If possible, try to find a pair that is also waterproof or water-resistant for hikes in inclement weather or over challenging terrain.

Some photographers may even consider carrying an extra pair of rubber or mucking boots. These boots are often made of a material that allows you to walk through mud and water without getting wet and dirty.

Shoe Covers for Photographers

Shoe covers are another helpful addition to a photographer’s gear. Not only do they help prevent tracking dirt or mud into a clean location (like an open house), but they can keep your feet dry, too.

The versatility of shoe covers means photographers should always keep a few stashed in the car trunk or gear bag.

Stay Comfortable With Proper Footwear

Photographers are on their feet for the better part of a day, so it’s important to stay comfortable. Wearing proper footwear can keep you safe when you’re angling for the perfect shot. The right shoes help prevent you from growing fatigued over a long shoot and help stave off the effects of Mother Nature.

At the least, photographers should invest in a pair of dark or black sneakers and, if shooting outdoors, a pair of boots. When combined with a pack of shoe covers, you’ll be ready to shoot in nearly any condition.

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