With an end to one, another may begin.

Architectural and Interiors (A&I) Photography is a whole nother beast when compared to Landscape. With Landscape you’re able to “spray and pray” and hope it’ll come out worthwhile, however, A&I requires patience, knowledge, and most importantly – light control. Experience is the best teacher when first learning how to control light, as most A&I Professionals will tell you; whether that be with shutter speed, aperture, ISO, ambient light, artificial light, gels, reflectors, shoot throughs, you name it. Of course, controlling light is the most critical element followed closely by composition. Together these two factors perform a dance that expresses a photograph’s mood and depth. Learn to master them both and you’ll understand how to communicate your story with the power of photography.

Start by going to and signing up for the free trial. Once registered, watch all the videos by Scott Hargis and absorb as much as possible. Many local libraries have free access to Lynda – so be sure to check if you enjoy learning.

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