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The waves of life guide us through unfiltered, raw change and growth. As we hit a snag, the lesson begins to take shape as if it were weaving itself into our soul. Thought and intention are more than they seem in this reality – knowing that is the difference between stagnation and progress.

Only through growth may we advance to something more than our current selves – something that makes a difference in the entire universe, living and silent. Bring yourself to the brink of expression and know that it’s being acknowledged by your subconscious, among others.

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The human race is a hive mind. We’re a colony on a big rock and our ability to communicate is vital to our survival. If the internet is restricted by providers then our innovation and creativity will be hindered. Progress will be slowed and I worry that someone with a solution will not be able to communicate because of those limitations.

Think about that for a moment; Do you truly think we have nothing left to gain from having unrestricted access to the internet and everything to gain from limiting it?

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Marketing photographs is tough, at least it is for me. No one said it would be easy. Getting that train moving is not just about knowing what to push, or how hard but also with the proper amount of finesse (pinky up).

A great photographer in Paris, France had a video the other day that talked about the techniques to break into the photography market. Serge Ramelli is the photographer that taught me about the LR “Special Sauce” technique that is used in most of my images. It’s very common these days (I think) and makes photos really POP.

Here is the video where he suggests his marketing tips:

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HDR vs Exposure Fusion

HDR (High Dynamic Range) is great, don’t get me wrong, but it should not be used in interiors photography unless you’re extremely talented. Very few people can pull off a natural and pleasing look using it. If you’re resistant to using external lighting such as speedlights or strobes in a home then at least use Exposure Fusion instead. It uses a Low Dynamic Range algorithm to layer several different exposures and makes a much cleaner image than HDR.

I’m a huge fan of using HDR for instances where you’re not trying to make the scene look identical to what you see in real life. Landscapes and Cityscapes are great examples of when to use HDR with a light hand.

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I’ve spent countless hours hunched over a computer watching videos, reading, and testing ideas. It is my intention throughout this Blog to share the resources from which I’ve learned the most, or at least the most important. Rich Baum’s Youtube channel is probably the most enjoyable because of his light personality and lengthy experience. He has solid information and really does want to help people be more successful and take better photographs. Honestly, I probably owe him quite a bit for all the tricks and tips he’s shared.

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With an end to one, another may begin.

Architectural and Interiors (A&I) Photography is a whole nother beast when compared to Landscape. With Landscape you’re able to “spray and pray” and hope it’ll come out worthwhile, however, A&I requires patience, knowledge, and most importantly – light control. Experience is the best teacher when first learning how to control light, as most A&I Professionals will tell you; whether that be with shutter speed, aperture, ISO, ambient light, artificial light, gels, reflectors, shoot throughs, you name it. Of course, controlling light is the most critical element followed closely by composition. Together these two factors perform a dance that expresses a photograph’s mood and depth. Learn to master them both and you’ll understand how to communicate your story with the power of photography.

Start by going to http://Lynda.com and signing up for the free trial. Once registered, watch all the videos by Scott Hargis and absorb as much as possible. Many local libraries have free access to Lynda – so be sure to check if you enjoy learning.

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